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Special Services:

We at Carriage Global Logistics Pte Ltd provide the following special services to meet the various requirements of customers worldwide.

  • Professional equipment cleaning / washing
  • Equipment disassembly and assembly
  • Repairs such as painting, replacing batteries, starters, parts, pump servicing, fixing oil leakage problems and many more.
  • Loading & lashing is handled by experienced professionals, who understand loading points & weight distribution. You can be confident your precious plant or machinery will not move unduly during transport
  • Packing / stuffing

Please look below at the pictures as example. This was one of the major repair job handled by us lately and following services were performed.

  • paint and wash 
  • repair right side steering hydraulic pump (replace oil seal)
  • replace 1 unit hydraulic pipe for rear wheel
  • replace diesel filter
  • replace oil filter
  • replace primary air filter
  • replace secondary air filter
  • send starter for repair
  • replace alternator
  • rewiring
  • replace engine oil hd40
  • supply ignition switch
  • replace battery cut off switch
  • replace cushion seat c/w bracket
  • caterpillar sticker
  • supply battery meter
  • supply 2 unit n150 battery

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